5 Must-Ask Interview Questions

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5 Must-Ask Interview Questions

Adapted from jobs4allnow.com

All job seekers should prepare for this inevitable question: “Do you have any questions for us?” Here are 5 questions that will not only separate you from the amateurs but will also provide you with useful insights into what the position is really like.

1. “What are the priorities that will need to be addressed immediately in this position?”

The title and job description do not give much indication as to what the job entails, beyond determining whether you have the skills required to function in this position. How the interviewer answers this question will shed light on both the supervisor and the previous employee.

2. “How long was the previous person employed here?

Why did he or she leave?” In most cases, the interviewer will answer both of these questions  — if you ask.

3. “Tell me about your management style.”

How the interviewer answers this question will help you gauge whether or not this is someone for whom you could work. Listen closely to how this person responds. While the interviewer should be fairly honest, you may need to read between the lines. For example, instead of saying, “I am a micro manager,” he or she may respond, “I like to keep a close eye on everything.”

4. “What types of people tend to excel here?”

This question will help you better understand the current culture in the company/department, as they tend to be made up of similar personality types who work in harmony with the company culture and philosophy.

5. “How long have you been here? Why do you stay?”

Asking these questions will also give you insight into your potential boss, his or her management style, and what type of people excel in this department or company.

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