But I Work Better Under Pressure

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But I Work Better Under Pressure

[adapted from recruitersconnection.com]

Who hasn’t waited until the last minute to turn in a paper or waited until the night before a test to study? While some may say that they work best under pressure, procrastination is a bad habit, a lack of discipline, and a time-management issue, and is usually coupled with a lack of motivation. When it comes to your job search or your career plans, procrastination will not put you on the track toward success. Being “fashionably late” won’t get you the job, either—only a rejection letter in the mail.

The funny thing about time is that we all have the same exact amount of it. We all face 24 hours in a day (1,440 minutes or 86,400 seconds). When broken down, that’s a lot of time. It is what we do with those 24 hours, those 1,440 minutes, that sets us apart from other people. Individuals who procrastinate in their career search may lack confidence or self-esteem; however, there are a few things that you can do to change that—if you are up for the challenge:

1. Have a mindset of NOW.

While you should plan for the future—your future—don’t forget to live in the present. Such an attitude will let you focus on what is happening at this very moment. As clichéd as it sounds, you should make every moment count. You are less likely to miss anything.

2. Take action.

Action itself cures hesitation and is probably the fastest way to reduce procrastination. Track your progress by making a schedule and checking off every task as you complete it. This simple process will not only provide you with a sense of accomplishment but will also help build your overall self-esteem.

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