Looking for a Scholarship?

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Looking for a Scholarship?

[adapted from Aftercollege.com]

Thanks to the recent downshift in the economy, everyone is looking for ways to cut costs and save pennies. Scholarships are beautiful bundles of free funds to those lucky enough to obtain one. Not only do scholarships help you afford that expensive college degree, but they also boost any résumé. Are you in the market for free money?

The key to winning a scholarship is research—not in a laboratory, but online. Most colleges and universities post a compilation of scholarships on their Website. Other scholarships are available as well, including

1. Merit scholarships

The most common award, this scholarship is based on a student’s overall academic achievements. Scholarships of this type are highly competitive and come in various forms.

2. Need-based scholarships

Designed to assist those with the greatest financial need. Aiming to help the less-fortunate student, scholarship committees will look at various factors: parents’ income, number of children in college simultaneously, expenses, and cost of living.

3. Athletic scholarships

Awarded to those students who show great promise in sports. This type of scholarship is not pursued but rather is given to you.

4. School-based scholarships

Awards that vary from college to college. Depending on the college, you may apply for individual scholarships, or they could be awarded by a particular department.

5. Partial/full scholarships

A highly competitive award, a full scholarship will cover all expenses: textbooks, tuition, room, & board. A partial scholarship may cover only a few basic undergraduate expenses.

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