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Project a Sharper Image

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We say it all the time in the Career Development Center: image and first impressions are critical in an interview. It is important to think about the image that you want to project and the character traits that will help you accomplish that goal. Here are 11 traits to consider:

  1. Authority – Your ability to lead others attracts people to you.
  2. Certainty – Honest belief in a fact or concept can inspire others to feel the same way.
  3. Consideration – No person is an island, and considering others bring you closer to them.
  4. Credibility – You must be able to project a belief in others no matter what the project or task.
  5. Empathy – The capacity to put yourself into another person’s situation and feel their emotions directly.
  6. Inspiration – Your personal excitement projects onto others, arousing others to a purpose.
  7. Integrity – Without this quality, you cannot convince anyone that you will do what you say you will do.
  8. Presence – The force of personality that makes everyone in the room look at you when you enter.
  9. Self-assurance – Projecting this feeling will attract support and assistance from others.
  10. Understanding – To lead others, you must be able to intuit their feelings and emotions and be able to sympathize with their pain.
  11. Vivacity – The ability to express your own excitement gets others excited about what you are doing and about the work that you want done.

Keep in mind that a first impression is like toothpaste in a tube; once it is out, you can’t put it back. Try to demonstrate these character traits in interviews and meetings.

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