Rebounding From Rejection

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Rebounding From Rejection

It is the stuff Hollywood blockbusters are made of: jilted protagonists burning letters, plotting revenge, or ridiculously vowing to step out of the game forever. Yet no one wants to make a movie about receiving the dreaded rejection letter. (You thought we were describing some sappy chick-flick, didn’t you?)

Not so surprisingly, many people respond to a job rejection in the same heartbreaking manner. However satisfying as it may be to burn that rejection letter or verbally abuse the company’s reputation, it will do no good to vow to step out of the job search all together.

Here are a few tips to help you rebound from inevitable rejection.

Don’t take it personally.

Upon receiving the dreaded “No Thank You,” you make be quick to blame yourself. “Was it something I said?” “What’s wrong with me?” While you might have left an awesome impression on the hiring manager, the company may have pressed the manager to promote an internal employee.

During the interview process, there will be factors in and out of your control. Focus on the factors you can control by researching the company and the position for which you are applying, reinforcing your interview skills, and applying proper interview etiquette (i.e. sending thank you notes, arriving early for the interview).

Get feedback on why you were rejected.

So you can get a second date but not a second interview? You may want to consider taking an objective look at your interview skills. A great way to receive constructive criticism is to gather feedback from previous companies that have rejected you. Not to sound pushy, you should ask for general feedback to how you can improve your candidacy for future employment.

Many companies, however, may be reluctant to part with such information as it may open them up to possible lawsuits, etc.

Another way to achieve the same goal is to participate in a mock interview. A mock interview will allow you to receive constructive criticism without the rejection letter attached.

Build a support network.

Remember to surround yourself with a positive support network. Family, friends, mentors or career advisors can offer the advice and encouragement needed to keep you on track and in the game. As the old saying goes, “there are plenty of fish in the sea.”

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