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Return to Sender: Email Address Unprofessional

It is human nature to want to be recognized as an individual. People need to express themselves whether through bold socks, funky nail color, or permanent ink. While we in the Career Development Center celebrate personal expression, there is definitely a time and a place. We have covered the aforementioned topics time and time again; however, we have failed to mention a rather important topic: your email address.

Using your name is easier on the employer and on you.

Many people have very specific email addresses that describe them in some way. And while or is perfectly fine for personal use, you may want to rethink putting them on a resume. Consider setting up a more professional account such as

Email domains such as Hotmail or Gmail are linked to an additional email account.

If something happens to one account, all is not lost. An additional benefit to using an email domain such as Hotmail or Gmail is that you can log in from any computer.

Keep everything professional in all aspects of your job search. There will be plenty of other opportunities to express your individual style.

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