Under Pressure

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Under Pressure

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With modern technologies and the necessity to remain competitive, many companies undergo changes MOST of the time, creating uncertainty and ambiguity in the workplace.

Employees are going back to school, taking on more hours, doing anything that they can do to remain relevant in their positions. While it is good to remain current and to continue to grow as a professional, doing so can add to your stress level. Here are a few indicators for balancing focus and flexibility, force and frivolity, seriousness with humor.

Five Ways to Deal with the Pressure of Change and Uncertainty

1. When the going gets tough, the tough use humor.

Most of us are not engaged in a physical battle, so instead of slamming through, look for an easier way. Who said that remaining competitive has to be hard?

2. Are you noticing other people?

If the situation at hand seems like a joke, then perhaps you are halfway there. To prevent hard feelings and bad attitudes, notice the absurdity of situations. Notice, too, how other people can play a role in attacking the problem rather than attacking each other.

3. Can you meet them where they are?

By understanding others and letting them know that you get it, you are no longer isolated and have cleared the way for faster results.

4. “Response-able” vs. “Responsible.”

Rehashing the past is pointless and an energy drain. The best way to manage and lead change is to identify areas of shared responsibility and come to an agreement about consequences that everyone wants to avoid, such as perpetuating past problems. This promotes the “we’re in it together” attitude.

5. Is learning happening?

With most things, there is an easy way, and then there is a hard way. Effective business relationships are based on continuous improvement. Do you give and get feedback easily? Are you generally open, non-defensive, and willing to listen? Do you understand and use what you hear? Can you perceive your customers, co-workers, and boss as learning resources?

These indicators will help you when you find yourself working under high pressure. The ability to work well under pressure is a trait that most employers consider invaluable.

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