What’s Your USP?

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What’s Your USP?

For the Business majors out there, USPs are probably old hat. Your professors probably talk about it on a weekly basis. For those who are not Business majors, it is a completely foreign concept. USP stands for Unique Selling Point (or Proposition). If a company wants to be successful and to survive the current market, then they have to be unique. They need a feature or characteristic that makes them stand out and allows their product to look more exclusive. USPs, however, are not just a marketing concept limited to the corporate world. In the job market, you are a product, one that you have to sell in order to stand out and get the job.

What’s your uniqueness? What makes you stand out from the masses as a person, as a future employee? Write down all of the characteristics that make you stand out, even those that seem unimportant. Next, make note of everything that is special or unusual. This inventory of traits is the foundation on which you will build your personal USP.

Provide the Solution. Now, think about your customer or, in this case, your future employer. Try to think about the things your employer or future boss is looking for? To determine this information, you can turn to the job description, which will list everything that your employer needs and even wants. Now you can just connect the dots to figure out how you can meet those needs.

Formulate your USP. You can also think of this branding as your one-minute commercial, your individual sales pitch that tells an employer exactly why you are perfect for a specific position. Compose three or four sentences that communicate your USP. Rework them until they are concise and flow easily. Once your “commercial” is fine-tuned, practice, practice, and practice again.

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