Writing Your One Minute Commercial

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Writing Your One Minute Commercial

(Prepare to sell yourself.)

Whether you know it or not, your first job is in sales. You need to be able to sell yourself and your skill set. In order to do that well, not only do you need to know yourself, but you also need to be prepared. Every salesperson usually has a pitch. Here are some steps to help you prepare your pitch for recruiters.

Step 1: Review

  • List three things that you have accomplished. (Leadership position? Course project? GPA?)
  • Select two of your skills related to your career goal. (Well-organized? Self-starter?)
  • List three personal qualities that you possess. (Hardworking? Detail-oriented?)

Step 2: Write

  • Write down some details (who, what, when, where, why, and how).
  • Write out a story/script. A single hand-written page should be enough. You want to take only a minute to deliver your personal sales pitch.

Step 3: Rehearse

  • Practice reading your script aloud. Time yourself and get it down to 60 seconds.
  • Try out your “commercial” on friends and family. Ask for their opinion. Get suggestions on how to improve.
  • Practice, practice, practice. The more you practice, the more confident you will be. You want to know what to say without sounding rehearsed.

Here is a sample script to help you along:

Hello. My name is Alan Henry, and I will graduate with a degree in sociology in the spring. I am interested in obtaining an entry-level public relations position. I have completed two internships in this field, and I have served on my college’s Social Council for the past two years. After researching different organizations, I think that my goals are analogous to those of the American Cancer Society. Here is my résumé for your consideration.

As you give your personal sales pitch, be sure to look the recruiter in the eye, smile, shake hands, and use the recruiter’s name. Be sure to ask the recruiter questions that indicate your interest in that company.

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